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Slidin' Slim: News

Åtvids Gamla Kyrka - February 11, 2011

Sista offentliga spelningen i länet på ett bra tag i Åtvids Gamla Kyrka på söndag klockan 16.00.

Erik Hjelmfors värmer upp och Niels Nielsen gästar.

Hoppas vi ses.


Jimmy Z & Slidin' Slim starts co-operation with booking agency's - January 13, 2011


We're excited to begin a co-operation with Swedish/Finnish DP AGENCY and QG ENTERPRISE from Belgium.

These two agency's works with some of the finest roots, blues, jazz & funk acts in the world and we're proud to join artists like Fabulous Thunderbirds, Omar & The Howlers, Eric Bibb, Dr. Feelgood, Erja Lyytinen, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Nile Rodgers, Bootsy Collins, Sheila E, Zac Harmon, Larry Graham, Bob Brozman among many others.

If you're interested in booking Jimmy Z & Slidin' Slim in:

SCANDINAVIA - contact:

EUROPE (not Scandinavia)- contact: Quentin Geerinckx


Great review in Jefferson Blues Magazine - January 12, 2011



"The greatest highligt of the festival for me was Jimmy Z & Slidin 'Slim, who appeared twice in Atmosfär, which is the best venue for blues in the Linköpings Konsert and Kongress Hall with an intimate club feel and all. It is crowded and sweaty, but oh what an atmosphere it can be.

Linköpings son and Rimforsas pride Slidin 'Slim just gets better and better on slide guitar and in the company with Jimmy Z it was a success. They fit well together and subordinate to each other well.

Jimmy Zavala has played with Eric Burdon, Eurythmics, Barry White and Rod Stewart. He has toured in over 10 years with Etta James, who calls him her "Hootchie Cootchie Man". He plays harmonica, saxophone and sings too. Best he's at his best on the harmonica.

Some of the songs were Slims own, such as Devil in disguise from his latest CD, which was even better, with Jimmy's saxophone. Even with Jimmy Reeds Lefthanded Woman and Slim Harpos Hip Shake they did something extra to.

Just two men had the crowded Atmosfär rocking to the beat.

Jimmy Z and Slidin 'Slim has toured together for two weeks but after Linköping Jimmy flew home to the U.S.. Right now he writes a book about his exciting life as a musician - "Confessions of a glorified sideman" is the working name of the book."

Videoclip from the gig:







Somewhere around this time last year I told my family that 2010 would be a "slow" year. No touring, no big projects, just plenty of time at home writing songs and taking it easy.

Well, I was wrong, way wrong. 2010 became one of the most intense years of my career. It's been great and I feel more fortunate than ever and I'm so grateful for the gift of music that provide me with so much joy.

Just a short tour of all the events that took place during the year.

It was cool beyond words to get the news that my song "Please tell me" was going to be used in a scene in the major TV-series Parenthood on US network NBC.

I helped my friend Magda Piskorczyk ( to get some gigs in Sweden and it was a pleasure to play with Magda and her band at the brand new blues festival in Tidaholm. I was really happy to witness how the Swedish blues lovers took her to their hearts immediately. I've been getting mails all through the year with requests from fans to organize a new tour.

In 2009 I did a tour in The Netherlands and met Peter Struijk (, a young guitar player deeply rooted in the sounds of the delta and Chicago blues.

He told me about his friendship with the legendary blues singer Tail Dragger from Chicago. I promised to see if it would be possible to organize a tour in Sweden and the result became a great July week in a warm and beautiful Sweden. I got Göran Svenningsson and Daniel Winerö (both from The Instigators) to back him up together with Peter and Robbert Fossen ( from The Netherlands. I acted road manager and support act. It was great to spend some time with Tail Dragger (who had many stories to tell) and the final gigs at Åmåls Blues festival was wonderful. It was a truly happy Tail Dragger that returned to Chicago after the tour.

Who would've guessed that yours truly would be linked to an historic event like the Mandela Gala at Wembley back in 1988? Not me, that for sure!

During two super intense weeks I had the pleasure of touring with one of the greatest harmonica players in the world: Jimmy Z ( Famous for his harmonica/sax playing with Rod Stewart, Eurythmics, Tom Petty, Etta James and many more. It's hard to describe this experience in words. We played at so many places and every single night was great. Check out the full report at the news section on my website. I'm looking forward to more gigs with Jimmy Z in 2011.

There's plenty of videos from the tour at You Tube for you to watch if you like.



I'm so happy to be working with so many gifted musicians and 2010 has been yet another great year of co-operations.

I did a couple of gigs with the amazing Eric Hansson ( and I enjoyed them a lot. He's such a nice guy and one hell of a guitar player. He's got a new record coming out in 2011. You can check us out at You Tube if you like.

Big Fred and I did some gigs together and it's always a pleasure playing with him. We've played together for 23 years and it's just as natural as breathing for us. It was cool to record some stuff together for the Jimmy Z/Slidin' Slim tour CD too and to have him join us at the Clinic at Musikbörsen.

Ever since I did One man riot (2007) producer/songwriter/musician Niels Nielsen ( has been a major force in my life. This guy got so much talent and I'm very happy to see how he gets more and more attention from all over the world every year. I'm proud to have him with me live from time to time and to have him work his magic on my songs in his studio. We do plan for another full length release but during 2010 our schedules didn't allow it. BUT we did record one song in time for the Swedish election and I think that the result was just as mind blowing as ever. You can still download "Right Wing Blues" for free here:

Göran Svenningsson was the man who changed my life when he introduced me to the blues around 1991. He pointed out records to listen to and he showed me the basics of blues guitar. Over the years he's been a mentor, an inspiration through his great work with The Instigators and a good friend. Göran is without a doubt a Swedish blues legend.

To finally share the stage with him (and the amazing drummer from Tommy Johansson) at Linköpings Bluesfestival  a couple of weeks ago was a big moment in my musical life. We had a great time and I think that we sounded fantastic considering that we only rehearsed a couple of hours before the gig. We plan for more gigs with this little combo (Three Men Riot) and we already got 2 gigs booked in January (Josefs House of Blues in Eskilstuna & Klintas in Åtvidaberg).

It was one of happiest moments in my musical life when I read that I was nominated for the Janne Rosenqvists Memorial Prize 2011.

This is probably the finest award a Swedish blues musician can get and I'm so proud just to be nominated.

I never had the chance to meet Janne in person but Jefferson Blues Magazine ( had a major role in my blues life from day one and I bought a lot of old issues. I read all Jannes reviews and articles and learned a lot from him. I also realized that a lot of older blues musicians had a lot of respect for Janne and his deep knowledge of blues/soul roots music.

When I played at my very first blues festival in Mönsterås back in 1995 he walked by our stage on the street and I remember that just the sight of the man made me wanted to play better.

To celebrate the 15 year anniversary of my first blues festival appearance with a nomination for the Janne Rosenqvist Memorial Prize feels great.

Please vote for me!!!

Just choose me, write your e-mail address and your postal address.

Mail me your address when you have voted and you might be the lucky winner of the fancy double DVD/CD from Satyrblues 2008!


I want to send out a sincere THANK YOU to the growing list of wonderful supportive people all over the world who make all this worthwhile for me. I love to hear from you all so keep sending me mails and I'll answer them as fast as I can.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank clubs, blues festivals/societies and media who supports blues musicians all around the world.

I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Slidin' Slim

Janne Rosenqvists Memorial Prize 2011 - December 13, 2010

Dear friends!!! What a day!!! I just found out that I'm nominated for "Janne Rosenqvists Minnespris 2011". This is probably the finest award a Swedish blues musician can get and I'm so proud just to be nominated, Oh my God, my hands are even shakin'...I'm so happy!

You can vote for me if you like! Just click the link below and follow the instructions.



Rock Against Racism and Music Expo - December 9, 2010

Busy weekend coming up! Tomorrow I’m proud to play (solo) at the local RAR (Rock Against Racism) event at L’Orient in Linköping. It’s gonna be a great night with loads of great music for a good cause. By the way, this is my last performance of 2010 and the last gig in Linköping for quite some time. I hope to see you there.

Saturday I’m talking about marketing for indie musicians at a big music expo in Jönköping. This is something that I love to do. To meet ambitious musicians and to share my thoughts (and to hear others!!!) about being a creative person and about how to take control of your music career is so rewarding. I've been doing this for a number of years now and I'm available for both private consulting, lectures and keynotes. Interested? Mail or call me for further information. 


Linköpings Bluesfestival Tomorrow!!! - December 2, 2010

Dear friends!

Just a short reminder about the cozy little event that takes place tomorrow: LINKÖPINGS BLUESFESTIVAL!

I'm happy and thrilled to be joined by my old friend and mentor Göran Svenningsson (guitar/bass) and my brand new friend Tommy Johansson (on drums). We will have a couple of hours to do our first rehearsal ever and then we will hit the stage at Folkets Park Linköping. It's gonna be a lot of fun! 

If you come you'll also have the chance to see Sören Dahlgren, Ulf Milberg & Blues Companiet, Chris & The Goosebumps, Jacob & The Jackals & Bad Sign Bluesband. Harp player Brian Reed will also be in the building ready to blow his harps!

See you!


Transatlantic Tour 2010 - November 7, 2010


The Transatlantic Tour 2010 with Jimmy Z is over. It's been two fantastic weeks and without a doubt a highlight of my musicial career.To share the stage with such a fantastic player has been a joy and honor. Every night Jimmy suprised me with his amazing talent and he also proved to be a warm human being and an entertaining companion during the many hours we spent on the road during the tour.

We met so many wonderful bluesfans during the tour and I know that many would like to see Jimmy Z on Swedish soil soon again (see info below). We can't thank you all enough. Your support means the world to us.

The media coverage has been amazing. In this day and age when blues seldom get any attention at all Jimmy Z and the Transatlantic tour caught the attention of many newspapers, TV and radio. Hell, Jimmy even ended up on the FRONTPAGE of the newspaper Östgöta Correspondenten!!!!


From a radio show in Kalmar.

A tour like this would've never been possible without the support and help from a lot of people. Thank you to:

Johan Birgersson, Ewa Rolling (Linköpings Jazz & Bluesfestival), Niels Nielsen, Big Fred Östergren, David Lönneborg (Bilda), Erik Hjelmfors (Bilda), Johan Thunqvist (Musikbörsen Linköping), PeO Ljungbergh (Blues At Sea), Josef's Hosue of Blues, Johan Järnland (Liljeholmens Folkhögskola), Annes (Söderport), Dan Ahnberg (Bilda), Lingon, Pelle Nöjd (Kulturhuset Sävsjö), Stephan Brisfjord (Tranås Bluesförening), Brian Kramer (Stampen Stockholm) Nader (Berggrens Källare), Christer Claesson, Ann-Charlotte & Herman, Eric Hansson, "The Stampen People" and probably a couple more that have slipped my mind.

I'm very happy and thrilled to tell you all that this tour is only the beginning of the Slidin' Slim & Jimmy Z duo. We've already discussed the possibilty of a new Scandinavian tour next year as well as some possible European dates and a recording of a full lenght CD.

Keep coming back to get the latest news!


Important information about tomorrows show/clinic at Lingon Jönköping - October 26, 2010

The tour is going great and you can all follow our adventures at the Slidin' Slim Facebook.

Just a short note to all who consider visiting our clinic/show at Restaurant Lingon i Jönköping tomorrow. Lingon is a VERY SMALL venue and the interest has been massive so please call them and book a table if you want to be sure to get in.

See you!


Tomorrow the Transatlantic Tour 2010 will begin! - October 17, 2010

Jimmy Z and I have spent the last couple of days rehearsing and now we're ready to hit the road.

Tomorrow we will play at the wonderful Stampen in Stockholm. Brian Kramer and Mats Qwarfordt (Yonder) will do a set before us and then Jimmy Z and I will hit the stage for very first time as a Transatlantic blues team.

My good friend Eric Hansson will also join us on a couple of songs and we might do some jammin' with Brian and Mats as well.

It's gonna be one hell of a night. See you there.



Brand new CD to be released at Stampen Stockholm 18/10 - October 11, 2010

I'm very happy to announce that Jimmy Z and I will release a brand new, all original song, CD at the first gig at Stampen Stockholm 18/10.

This is a very limited product that we've made especially for the tour and, at this point, the only way to get it will be at the gigs during the tour. If you won't be able to be at one of the gigs during the "Transatlantic Tour" but still really want to get one you can mail me after the tour and we'll see if there's any copies left.

Check out the sleeve!


DOWNLOAD THE NEW SONG NOW!!! - September 12, 2010


With less than a week left until the Swedish election I'm happy to give you my first studio recorded song since 2007 - RIGHT WING BLUES! (featuring the NNDC, produced by Niels Nielsen).

In a blues world where almost no artist or band show any interest in expressing politcal views anymore I'm proud to raise my voice against the current right wing goverment.

Listen or download Right Wing Blues here:


New free song to be released tomorrow! - September 12, 2010

Friends! Tomorrow my first studio recorded song since 2007 will be released for you all to download for free!

I'm so excited and really looking forward to get your feedback on this one! The song, along with many of my new songs (soon to be released), is charged with my frustration concerning the lack of empathy and humanity the current goverment stands for. There's NO WAY I could sit quiet when I see a country I used to feel proud of slowly turning to a place where greed and despice for the sick, poor, and unemployed grow stronger day by day.

Hate it or it love but that's how I feel. Come back tomorrow to get info about where to download "Right Wing Blues".


A joyful night in Warsaw Poland! - September 2, 2010

What a wonderful photo by the great Irek Gtaff. Irek managed to capture the amazing amount of musical joy and heart from the Magda/Slim concert last year at the legendary Tygmont Jazz Club in Warsaw in this photo!


What a great day in Eksjö! - August 28, 2010

What a great late afternoon at Eksjö Stadsfest!!! A total joy to be part of such a perfectly organized event (yes in every detai!). Thank you jOjo, Elina, Hannes and everyone else in the staff who made me forget how sick and tired I really was. A special thank you to my wonderful biker friends from Jönköping and to new  fans who choosed to check me out with such a great line-up to choose from. Thank you!



I will team up with the legendary harp and sax man Jimmy Z and do a 2 week tour of Sweden this fall.

Jimmy Z (Jimmy Zavala) has been a pro-player since the early 80's when he landed the gig as saxplayer in Rod Stewarts band. High profile work followed with The Eurythmics, Tom Petty among others and lead to a steady stream of session work (both studio and live) with stars like Rick Springfield, Yes, Carole King, Eric Burdon, Slash, Willy DeVille among many many others. Jimmy became a member of Etta James Roots Band 1997 and toured for over 10 years and played with her on 6 albums and a live DVD.

Read more about Jimmy Z here:

Of course I'm very excited over the possiblity to work with such a great and amazing musician and I'm looking forward to the tour a lot.

Dates booked so far: 

18 October - Stampen Stockholm, 20 October - Berggrens Källare Motala, 21 October - Söderport Kalmar, 22 October - Josefs House of Blues Eskilstuna, 23-24 October Blues At Sea Blues Cruise, 25 October - Musikbörsen Clinic/Concert Linköping, 28 October - Torsdagsklubben Kulturhuset Sävsjö, 29 October - Tranås Bluesförening Pub Babar Tranås, 30 October - Linköpings Jazz & Bluesfestival....more dates soon...



Gig cancelled! - August 8, 2010

The outdoor gig at Berggrens Källare with Eric Hansson on Wednesday August 11 has been cancelled because of bad weather on the way.

My music in Parenthood (NBC) tonight TV3! - August 5, 2010


My song "Please tell me" is featured in tonights episode of Parenthood. Check out TV 3 20.00! Cool!

NEW CD RELEASE! - July 29, 2010


In a couple of days (August 2) the live recording with Polish bluesstar Magda Piskorczyk and me will be released. It's a recording of our unrehearsed concert at Satyrblues 2009. It was a wonderful night and another proof of the universal language that blues is where communication goes way beyond words.

Buy your CD from

More info in Polish:


I got so much to tell you!!! - July 20, 2010

Hi people! I'm back home after a very successful tour with Tail Dragger! I got so much to tell you but very little time. I'm hitting the road again tomorrow so please be patient.

Here's some information in Swedish:


Varför inte ta bilen ut till Östgötakusten och S:t Anna imorgon? Båtsholms Pensionat bjuder på en hel vecka av musik och jag har fått äran att spela i morgon onsdag (21/7). Jag kommer dels att spela solo men också köra en del med duon som tvingade ut mig på vägarna för 16 år sedan: HOMEBREW. Tillsammans kommer vi bjuda på lite favoriter av John Hiatt, Steve Earle m.fl.

Hitta dit:

Vi ses!



Tomorrow the tour with the legendary blues singer Tail Dragger begins. I'm going to be the road manager as well as support act during the short but intense tour of Sweden. You don't want to miss this chance to see a real hard core bluesman in action so check the tour schedule and pick a date and town that suits you. See you.


Tomorrow I'm special guest at Swedish Radio P4 09.00-09.30. I will perform live and talk about the state of the current blues scene and promote the Tail Dragger tour. Check it out.

You can also listen to the show any time you like here:


Hear my music in Parenthood (NBC) - June 1, 2010

This is super cool! Check out this episode of the MAJOR TV-series PARENTHOOD (NBC) and listen to my song Please Tell Me in the background in the Pawnshop scene (15 minutes and 53 seconds in to the episode). I'm very proud and look forward to hear more of my music in TV and movies.

Dusty Road Blues Festival Tidaholm - May 28, 2010


In a few hours I'm going to Tidaholm for the brand new Dusty Road Blues Festival. I'm doing 2 gigs tomorrow with Magda Piskorczyk and her band. I've only played 2 times with her before (at Satyrblues last year and the day after in Warzaw) and we got no time to rehearse so it's going to be exciting!  If you go you'll also have the pleasure of seeing great artists like Sven Zetterberg, Harmonica Henry, Knock-Out Greg, Trick Bag and a bunch of other great bands.

Bysjöblues tomorrow - May 21, 2010

It's Friday! Tomorrow I'll be going to Åtvidaberg to play at Bysjöblues. This year at Stallet. We'll start playing (me and Niels) at 21.00 and the Bad Sign Bluesband will do their things as well and then Rolf Wikström will finish the night. Hope to see you there.

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