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Slidin' Slim: News

NEW ALBUM OUT NOW!!! - October 24, 2016


Better Late Than Never

At last! It's been 9 years since my last "official" blues album but now it is finally time for a proper blues album. Eric (Eric's Bluesband) and I played together for the first time back in 2008 and we've talked about doing an album together ever since. With a little (!) help from bass player and producer Surjo Benigh (Ulf Lundell, Totta Näslund, Jump 4 Joy, The Boppers etc) and amazing musicians like Kjell Gustavsson (drums), Janne Petersson (organ/piano etc), Micke Fall (Harmonica) and Micke Stenberg (backing vocals) Better Late Than Never is now a reality. 10 new original songs from yours truly and Eric Hansson.

Available from (and yes, we ship WORLDWIDE).

Order  your copy today!  (and no, this album is NOT available on Spotify, Apple Music and other digital platforms).




TOUR - May 5, 2016


Here's an updated tour-schedule for you all:

May 10 Liljeholmens FHSK, Rimforsa (with Jimmy Z) Q & A and show

May 11 Private gig

May 13 Palatset, Linkoping (with Jimmy Z)

May 17 KoM Bar & Musik, Gothenburg (with Jimmy Z)

May 18 Hijazz, Uppsala (with Jimmy Z)

May 19 Private gig, Jonkoping (with Jimmy Z)

May 20 Bomber Bar, Motala (with Jimmy Z)

May 21 Rafnas Blues Fest, Ludvika (with Jimmy Z)

May 30 Warsaw, Poland (Dead Soul)

June 3 Langa Raden, Stockholm (solo)

July 6 Berggrens Kallare, Motala (with Eric Hansson)

July 30 Carlas Café, Oland (solo)

September 3 Blues pa logen, Gaverstad (with Sick'n Blues)

September 16-21 Blues Cruise Mediterranean Sea (solo)

October 1 Blue Heart Bluesforening, Halmstad (solo)




BACK TO THE BLUES! - April 27, 2016


It's been a while! I've been very busy touring all over Europe (52 gigs in 17 countries since the release of our second album The Sheltering Sky (Razzia Notes/Century Media/Sony Music) with DEAD SOUL but now I'm back to the blues!

During the next couple of days I will present the booked gigs (including a number of gigs with the amazing Jimmy Z). I'm also working on a brand new website that will be up and running later this spring.




SLIDIN' SLIM & VĂ„NNER 12-13 December - December 9, 2014

12-13 december spelar jag tillsammans med mina vänner Eric Hansson, Mats Andersson & Tommy Johansson på Palatset i Linköping samt Broadway Konditori i Norrköping.

Missa inte detta!


HEADLINE Gislaveds Bluesfest - June 3, 2014


It's been a while. What can I say, internet is a wonderful thing when it works. I've not been able to update this website for a while but I can promise you all that I've been quite busy. Like always I also recommend you all to check my Facebook page for the latest update about gigs and everythings else.

This Saturday I'm proud to be headlining the brand new Gislaveds Bluesfest. I'm really looking forward to it!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! - December 20, 2013


It’s that time of the year again when yet another very eventful year is coming to an end. In many ways 2013 has been a year when everything has been pretty extreme from start to finish.



Signing a record-deal for Dead Soul with Razzia Notes (Anders Fridéns from In Flames label) meant that new songs had to be written fast and recorded before the summer. In some ways, that I still don’t understand, Niels Nielsen and I managed to do it even though both of us had a crazy schedule with other obligations. It’s all about grabbing the moment and go for it. Most of the songs were written during 20/30 minute sessions and digested in my brain before falling asleep at night. The same goes for the recording of my contributions to the record. 1 hour here and hour there.  We didn’t have the luxury of going away to some fancy studio for a couple of months. We had to accept the conditions and do the best of the situation. Without Niels being the master producer/mixer/genius he is there wouldn’t be a Dead Soul record. At times I wonder if even slept for long periods of time. The record became something that we both will be proud over for the rest of our lives. To get amazing reviews from some of the most important newspapers in Sweden meant a whole lot for us but the best part has been to get the reactions from people all over the planet who appreciate our music.

It’s just been a week since we ended our first proper tour of Scandinavia together with the internationally successful band GHOST. Three weeks on the road (and some 7000 km of traveling) was truly important to make our live-show (with our 5 members of our live band) work. Being exposed to 1000-2000 people every night as a support act (which isn’t the easiest of things) gave us that extra push to become better every night. Now we’re ready to take on the rest of the world!

In the latest issue of Jefferson Blues Magazine there is a big interview with me about Dead Soul. Probably the best interview so far. Get yourself a copy of the magazine here:


Like always, if it wasn’t for the blues there wouldn’t be anything else. During the spring I kept doing blues shows and Jimmy Z came over from LA to do yet another very fun tour. During a couple of weeks in April and May we traveled for south to North of Sweden and even did a couple of gigs in Riga Latvia and I enjoyed every minute of it. People seem to enjoy our duo a lot and we keep getting offers so there might be some new tours next year if our schedules allow it.

One of the highlights of the year was to travel together with Eric Hansson to the very north of Norway to the CODSTOCK blues festival in Lofoten. I’ve never played at a more beautiful place in my life. The sun was up 24 hours and we had so much fun. It’s certainly a privilege to be a traveling musician!

Next year I celebrate 20 years since my first blues gig and even if I’m busy with Dead Soul I’m planning to celebrate this in a proper way. Maybe a special event or a CD with some of the fantastic people I’ve played with over the years. We’ll see what I might come up with!


Music is my life. It’s not something that I do for a living and then come home at night and become a “normal” person. I live and breathe music 24 hours of the day. I just can’t do it any other way. There’s no switch to turn it off. In mid-June life served me my biggest challenge yet and everything became extremely dark. All of a sudden music was in the back-seat for the first time since I began playing. I had to cancel every booked show from June to late September and it gave me a whole new perspective on things. The only thing I could do was to try to make the best of a horrific situation and handle one hour at the time. I learned a lot during these months, about myself, other people and our society in general. I will never be the same but I’m thankful for the fact that I’m sitting here and writing these words and still having hope for the future. Without the support from dear friends and the thought of getting back to music I don’t know what would’ve happened. One thing I do know is that no matter what I go through I wouldn’t trade my life for anything.

I could do a very long list of people that I’m thankful for having in my life, people that have been there during difficult times and people who’ve done amazing things for my music life during the past year. But the truth is that the list would become too long so I settle for a simple and heartfelt THANK YOU!  I appreciate every one of you beyond words.

Now I’m ready to take on a new year and I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!  


PS. If you like you can still vote for DEAD SOUL in the Bandit Rock Awards! Thank you! DS.

Out now: DEAD SOUL - In the darkness - October 23, 2013

DEAD SOUL - In the darkness - OUT NOW!!!

It's a great day! Dead Soul's album In the darkness is finally released. It's been one hell of a journey. I began writing some of the songs during an extensive tour in the Netherlands back in 2008 but in many ways this record is the result of a lifetime of a playing and listening to music. If I'd never discovered punk in the late 70's, hard rock during the early 80's, Peter Gabriel a few years later, spent 20 years playing rough delta blues and of course met my partner in crime Niels Nielsen some 10 years ago Dead Soul would've never happened.

Just as important is the aspect of living. It's hard to exist 44 years without experience quite a lot and In the darkness is a record that deals with the darker sides of existing. Death of course, the lack of faith in a higher meaning, sorrow, self-hate, anger towards the non-functional sides of society and disappointment in the human race ability to progress in the right direction. Our only mission was to make a record that was brutally honest and that would live up to what we believe is great music no matter how it would sound or be categorized. I'm proud to say that I feel that we succeeded in that mission. Let us know what you think!

The record is available at all record stores and as a digital download.


5 out of 5 in EXPRESSEN! - October 15, 2013


The first review of the Dead Soul album came in yesterday and what a review! 5 out of 5! The writer Martin Carlsson refers to the album as the best Swedish debut album since Soundtrack of our lives "Welcome to the infant freebase"! We couldn't asked for a better start!



It's been too long! - October 8, 2013


It's been too long. A combination of personal problems and a truckload of work has kept me from updating my website. In this day and age there's so many different places to write about what you're up to so it's hard to find the time. If you can't find any info here you can at least rest assure that you can follow me on Facebook.



My main musical priority right now is my duo with Niels Nielsen. We have had a very busy year with the recording of our debut album and preparations for up-coming live shows. Last week our third single, Burn forever, was released as well as our second video. The album will be released on Razzia Notes October 23:rd.

I'm so pleased with the record. It's been in the making for several years and from the beginning it was supposed to be a follow up to my latest solo record One man riot but Niels got more and more involved during the process and it became obvious that we had something brand new going. So it felt very natural to give our co-operation a new name. I do think that those who liked the more adventurous side of my previous record will love Dead Soul. There's still a strong blues feeling to the songs even if we travel far away from the delta blues that's been the backbone of musical life for so long. In many ways Dead Soul sums up my whole musical life and everything I've experienced in life up to now. It's without a doubt the most important record I've made so far and I'm so looking forward to get it out there!

We will do an extensive Scandinavia tour together with GHOST ( that will start in Lund on the November 25:th and end in Helsinki December 13:th. See tour schedule for more info about the tour. There will also be two in-store appearences at Vakupan (Norrköping) and Bengans (Linköping) on October 26:th as well as a release party at Backstage Linköping November 21:th.

If you want to pre-order the record (vinyl or CD (digipack)) there's a couple of links below. The new single is also available on Spotify and on all the major digital sites as Itunes etc for download. Make sure to watch the new video and feel free to share it as much as you like.



Download and listen!




There's always time for some blues and I will make two more blues gigs this year. On October 19:th I will play at a small blues festival in Norrköping and the week after I will perform at the event "Still got the blues" in Linköping. See tour schedule for details.

Thanks for your support!


TOUR WITH JIMMY Z - April 21, 2013

Due to some technical problems on this site all info about the upcoming tour with Jimmy Z will be available through or Jimmy's site

See ya!



I would like to send out a BIG thank you to all you great people who've been supportive during 2012! It's been a great music year and, like always,  I feel very fortunate to be a travelling musician. There's no better way to live life than this. My main focus during the winter and spring will be my new project DEAD SOUL ( but there's a Jimmy Z/Slidin' Slim tour coming up in April/May and Eric Hansson and I will take our duo to the very south of Norway late May/early June. Looking forward to that.



So little time! - November 2, 2012

Hi y'all!

Don't start me talking about taking care of a website when all you got when it comes to time is next to nothing. I'm sorry about the state my website has been in for a while but I've been too busy to solve things around it. Well, now things should, at least, work and I've updated the tour schedule as well.

It's been a great fall and I've toured quite a lot on my own and together with Eric Hansson and Björn Gideonsson. Last weekend we finished a week long tour with a gig at Östersunds Bluesfestival and it was great. Wonderful reviews too! We'll keep going during the couple of weeks and we'll play in Motala and Sävsjö.

On the 10:th of November things will be really exciting. I will reunite with my old band Little Slim & The Roadmasters at Palatset in Linköping.  Read more about that next week!


CANCELLED GIG! - August 21, 2012

The gig with Big Fred on Sunday August 26 has been cancelled.

Tour begins today! - June 30, 2012

Today the Slidin' Slim & Jimmy Z Summer tour begins at Liljeholmens Folkhögskola in Rimforsa and next Saturday we will have our grand finale at the mainstage at Åmåls Blues festival 23.00!!!

Theme song on national radio show! - May 29, 2012

My song Brand new face is the theme song for the national radio show (Sveriges Radio P1) Musikmatchen. Pretty cool!

EUROPEAN BLUES CHALLENGE 2012 - March 15, 2012


This weeekend I'm defending Swedens honor at the annual European Blues Challenge in Berlin! I'm very happy that Jimmy Z is coming along to back me up! I promise to do my best!


Merry Christmas & Happy new year - December 24, 2011

Another fantastic blues year is coming to an end. Those of you who visit my website or Facebook know what I’m talking about. It’s been a very busy year. When I read all the news on my website from the past year it almost gets a bit overwhelming. I’ve been very fortunate.

There are certain things I will remember more from 2011. Getting the Janne Rosenqvists Memorial prize, the tours with Magda Piskorczyk and Jimmy Z, all the festivals (I love 'em all but SWEDEN ROCK was something new and very exciting!) I played , the re-release of One man Riot through Transubstans Records, the great reviews AND to see “One man Riot” selling enough to get on the Swedish “Billboard” (a very rare achievement for a blues CD) made 2011 a fabulous year.

There's a lot of people I work with (musicians, booking agencies, media, producers, clubs & festivals) who made this year an outstanding one. I can't thank you all enough for your contributions. You know how much I appreciate you all. THANK YOU!

I must address a special thank you to all the people I have met at concerts and festivals, that I interact with at my website and Facebook. Please keep coming up for chat after gigs or sending me messages and mails. We're in this together!


And, without the support from my family nothing of all this would be possible. I love you forever!


I have a feeling that 2012 gonna be another great year. The great Jimmy Z and I will keep touring and we already got a couple of big festivals booked. Niels Nielsen and I will continue working in the studio and hopefully this will result in a new CD during the first part of 2012. I also have a couple of "just for the fun of it" recording projects that I wanna do. My solo acoustic punkblues tribute to my all time favorite DEAD KENNEDYS is one thing I really wanna do! Stay tuned for more info about that one and other stuff too. In March I'll be going to the EUROPEAN BLUES CHALLENGE in Berlin! Please go there and support me! If I win I'll buy you all beer!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year with a brand new special Christmas song (free downloads too) that I recorded together with Big Fred and Jimmy Z. Enjoy!

BLUE CHRISTMAS - Slidin' Slim & Big Fred featuring Big Fred

Slidin' Slim

TOUR WITH JIMMY Z - September 26, 2011

Hi y'all!

It's been a while! Being a ”one-man business” is not easy and it's has been hectic in the best of ways. I'm working hard in the studio with the very talented Niels Nielsen and I'm very excited about how things has developed during the last couple of weeks. More about that later.

But the big thing right now is of course the new tour with the legendary Jimmy Z. We're hitting the road Wednesday and the first gig will take place in at Crescendo in Norrköping and keep touring through most of October.. Check out a gig near you at my website. By the way, we will do a couple of clinics as well during the tour if you wanna learn some cool harp licks or some sizzlin' slide!

Thanks for your support and see you there!


AMAZING REVIEW TODAY!!! - July 1, 2011

Great review from USA today.

Slidin’ Slim – One Man Riot Review

“They call me Mr. Misfit, and that’s a suitable name” – Slidin’ Slim “One Man Riot” Album Review

Written by Ian Gerber for The Soda Shop

Let me tell you right off of the back, I am not the biggest fan of Metal. I love heavy music as much as the next tatooed white guy with a beard, but there is a lot of metal out there and I only have so much time to really dig into a record. With that being said, imagine my surprise to find a record labeled “Blues” in the genre column from the stocked buffet of stoner metal and doom that is The Soda Shop’s submissions folder. Slidin’ Slims newest record, One Man Riot, might be a misfit in the Stoner rock crowd, but is armed to the gills with 14 tracks of geniune and gritty blues mojo that would sound great to anyone with an ear or two.

Let’s get to brass tacks. I think that we can all agree that there would be no “Stoner Rock” without Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin would have been up shit’s creek without the blues. Whether it takes 52 minutes of amplified sonic destruction or 12 bars and five notes on an acoustic guitar, a heavy riff is a heavy riff. Slidin’ Slim understands this idea much better than most musicians playing music today, let alone in Stoner Rock.

As it turns out, ol’ Slim has been doing it for a while…in Sweden. That’s right folks, the most convincing blues revivalist that I have heard since Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, is from a place that is about as far away as you can get from Mississippi and still know what a guitar is. I have heard other Swedish acoustic blues “revivalists”, but none of them have actually got it right. However, it is good to know that “going down the road feeling bad” translates into every language.

Sonically speaking, One Man Riot deserves to be mentioned in the same company as the best sounding Tom Waits and T-Bone Burnett records. Sorry metal dudes, not so much of the fuzz and gutteral growling to found here. However, One Man Riot does have a tendecency to take un-expected turns into Sonic Youth meets Nick Cave moments of brilliant ambience mixed in with the dark Americana story telling of Murder By Death’s “Red of Tooth And Claw.”. It can be said that Slidin’ Slim knows what he is doing in the studio. It is also fair to say that Slim has heard his fair share of Son House and R.L. Burnside riffs after he outgrew his punk phase and decided to learn how to play guitar for real. Bare boned slide guitar and smoky vocals that just wreak of too much whiskey give way to beautifully dark psychedelic atmospheres while still nimbly playing within the borders of “the Blues” form. Slidin’ Slim does it with the skill of a great songwriter and makes it look easy.

Do yourself a big ol’ favor and buy a copy of One Man Riot. When it seems like all you have been hearing is fuzz in stereo for longer than expected, throw this record on and take a minute on the couch to digest it. This is as heavy as anything I have heard in the last few months and deserves to be in constant rotation on your Ipod.

One Man Riot can be downloaded on ITunes.

Check out The Soda Shop:

Buy my CD:



So much to do, so little time - June 8, 2011

I got so much to tell you and a crazy schedule so here’s the short version of what should’ve been a long report.


This time we just did a short tour but what a tour it was! We played at Berggrens Källare in Motala (where David Stockman, Göran Persson and Big Fred joined and provided solid back-up during the second set), Skål in Stockholm (organized by Stockholm Blues Society),  super cool club Rockland in Sala and Dusty Road Blues Festival in Tidaholm.  Each and every gig was fantastic and the reactions and support from audiences everywhere was totally amazing.  We got a good thing going with our duo that’s for sure. We would like to send out a BIG thank you to DP Agency that put together the tour , the clubs and a festivals that booked us AND all the great and wonderful people we met (and bought our CD!!!) during our days on the road! We will get out there again late September. See you then!


Jimmy Z’s and my new CD are available at Itunes, Amazon among other downloading sites. We’re very pleased with the way this CD turned out. If you like acoustic blues with lots of slide and the “one of a kind” harmonica of Jimmy Z you’re gonna love it. Check it out on Itunes:


Tomorrow I'm going to Sweden Rock! I will hit the ROCKKLASSIKER stage on Friday at 12.15! I'm very sorry to say that re-release of One man riot won't be available at the festival due to some delays in the manufacturing BUT I will bring some T-shirts and promo-CD's that I will give away for FREE! You can pre-order the CD here:



New song! Teaser from the re-release of One man riot - May 22, 2011

Finally some new music from yours truly! In the darkness is a teaser (produced and arranged by the amazing Mr.Niels Nielsen) for the re-release of One man riot (June 10:th on Transubstans Records). Let me know what you think and feel free to share the link! Have a great week!



SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL!!! - April 7, 2011


I'm booked to play at Sweden Rock Festival! This is one of the biggest festivals in Sweden and I'm very proud to be booked. This year got a great line-up with Ozzy Osborne, Whitesnake, Joan Jett, The Cult, Thin Lizzy, Accept, Saxon among many others.  I will play at the Rockklassiker stage and join other acoustic acts like Mats Ronander, Claes Yngström, Bob Log III and Nicke Borg (Backyard Babies).

Click here for more info!

See you there!


Slidin' Slim special in BLUES ATTACK radio show! - April 4, 2011


The polish radio show BLUES ATTACK, hosted by the one and only Victor Czura, will do a "Slidin' Slim" special on the 28:th of April. Cool!

Record deal with Record Heaven/Transubstans Records - March 26, 2011


I got myself a record deal with Record Heaven/Transubstans Records!!!

I'm happy to join a great roster of amazing acts like Abramis Brama, Brutus, Graveyard, Oblivious and Sideburn. Being their first more traditional blues signing feels cool and it's great to be in the company of some of the heavy bands mentioned above as I'm a big fan of classic hard rock. 

We're really looking forward to a long term co-operation and hope that we will be able to bring my music to a new audience worldwide.

First out is a re-release in late May of "One man riot" with two new bonus tracks and, finally, a new studio record (produced by the amazing Niels Nielsen) will be released early fall.

More news will follow soon.





Dear friends!

It's official, I have won the finest prize a Swedish blues musician can get; Janne Rosenqvist's Memorial Prize 2011.

Words can't describe how happy and proud I am to get this prize. It means so much to me.

Since I got the blues bug 20 years ago and decided that my mission in life would be to play the blues I've been going through so much.
More than once I've thought to myself that I never would have been able to stay sane over the years without the help of the blues. That's the kind of relationship I've had with the blues. It's a life saver, a religion and a never ending source of the purest and most sincere kind of joy I can think of.

I've been blessed with a steady stream of  amazing musicians to work with who's been a major factor in my growth as a musician and person and I've enjoyed wonderful support from the blues societies and blues festivals since my very first year on the road. THANK YOU!

Over the years I've met so many great appreciative blues lovers and several of you guys have grown to become dear friends.
It's because of the votes from all of you that I'm the receiver of this prize.

I will receive the Diploma from the hands of the editor of Jefferson Blues Magazine Anders Lillsunde at Stampen in Stockholm on 30:th of April when a number of the greatest acoustic blues players in Scandinavia celebrate ROBERT JOHNSON 100 YEAR. .  

Next year I will represent Sweden in the European Blues Challenge ( in Berlin. A competition where the winners get booked at the greatest blues festivals in Europe and the Grand Prize is participation in the International Blues Challenge ( in Memphis.

Once again, thank you!

Slidin' Slim

Here's the motivation from Jefferson Blues Magazine (only in Swedish):


 Sveriges finaste pris inom bluesmusik har för 2011 gått till Slidin’ Slim, framröstad av tidskriften Jeffersons läsare med motiveringen:

”Linköpingsbördige Anders Landelius, mera känd under artistnamnet Slidin’ Slim, har verkat på den svenska bluesscenen sedan mitten av 1990-talet. Han har profilerat sig som en sångare och akustisk gitarrist och med rötterna i deltabluesen, men med en fräsch och orädd attityd till den gamla traditionen. Anders har med deltabluesen i botten gått vidare och skapat egna låtar där han smält samman influenser från de gamla bluesmästarna med ett närmast punkigt anslag. Hans musik har under årens lopp fört honom till en rad olika länder och även uppmärksammats i USA, där hans låt Please Tell Me har spelats i en TV-serie på den nationella tv-kanalen NBC. Anders har också samarbetat med och ordnat turnéer med flera internationella artister”

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