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Confusion, getting lost and coming home

Posted on May 9, 2010 with 0 comments


In a few weeks we're reaching the 15 year anniversary of my very first blues festival appearance in Mönsterås. The days in Mönsterås back in 1995 together with David Book was so great. To be there among all the amazing blues artists and all the blues lovers felt wonderful. Since then I've played at more than 40 blues festivals in Scandinavia, Europe and USA. I feel extremely privileged to be a travelling blues artist and I honestly feel like the blues has saved my life, literally, more than once. It's a strong, almost religious, relationship too complex and serious to explain in words.

But like all intense relations I sometimes become that teenager that wants to break loose and run away from my destiny. I feel trapped and just want to leave it all behind and do something completely different. Especially after a gig like the one I did Friday night. Most things that can go wrong did. Time runned late, no sound check, bad sound gear, no soundtech, a sound on stage that was totally out of control...yeah you know what I mean. It is hard to play at your best at times like that. I felt truly sorry for the audience and I regret that I accepted to play under circumstances like that. But it is all my fault. It is always my responsibility to make sure that everything is secured to make it a good night for both me and the audience. Well, it's not the first time I experience something like this but I just wanted to let you people know that I feel bad about it and that I truly will do all I can to make sure that it won't happen again. In less than two weeks I will get out on the road again and I certainly gonna give it my best AND make sure that it sounds good.

During the months that I’ve been away from the live scene I’ve done a lot of thinking, maybe even too much. That’s how I am, a thinker. But the flipside of being that is that I also have a constant tendency of getting confused and to come up with new grand solutions too often for my own good. But inspired by the words of my good friend, producer and co-musician Niels Nielsen, a couple of hours together with my ol’ guitar and Robert Johnson I saw it all clear again and now I feel like I’m back on the track again sticking to my original plan.

Thanks for your patience and support!